Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mushroom Chicken Garlic Sandwich: OPERATION: Malmoe, Sweden. SUBJECT: Anton Nilson, Working-Class Hero.

When something must be done leave it to Anton Nilson. On July 12, 1908 Anton Nilson, a Swedish socialist and labor militant, took it upon himself to blow up a boat that was housing English scab dockworkers during a Malmoe dockworkers strike against unfair wages, poverty, bosses, and just straight up class society! The boat, Amalthea suffered a shocking explosion during the early morning hours of July 12th leaving one english scab dead and 23 injured. Anton Nilson and his bomb is credited with be a catalyst for major labor victories in Sweden. After avoiding the death penalty Nilson made his way to fight against the White capitalist armies in Russia's civil war for freedom, communism, and peace! Though by 1926 Nilson grew disillusioned with Stalin's reign and returned to Sweden. On July 12, 2008 a gathering to honor Anton Nilson and his Italian comrades took place at the old harbor of Malmoe.

In his honor we made ourselves a tasty (soy)Chicken Mushroom Onion Sandwich.
1. (soy) Chicken
2. Onion and Mushroom chopped and fried in Soy sauce, veggie spice, a drip of soy-milk, dragon, rosemary, garlic, and some fresh ginger!
3. in with the chicken.
4. Toast some whole wheat bread.

Bread dressing:
1. olive oil and balsamic vinger how ever you like.
2. garlic two to three cloves.
3. dragon and rosemary.
4. salt and pepper.
blend and then spread onto bread.

Glass Fabriken (Ice Cream Factory, an Autonomous Cafe in Malmoe): A place to gather, eat vegan treats, and drink coffee!

Malmoe is also home of a great veggie meat store, Astrid and the Apes!

(vegan) Chocolate Ice Cream and Pear Sorbet at Drottningtorget (Queens Square).

All in all the Malmoe experience was a success and we even had falafel but that is another story because controversy still looms when it comes to which falafel is the best, Gothenborg or Malmoe????