Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cheese vegan CHEESE! The slayer of Vegans

Cheese has killed more vegans than any other food product. It is the public enemy nr 1 to the vegan community. And yeah, i have had my share of moments, when my spirit was running low, and i felt the devil calling for me from cheese-land. But i never got around to it, and this year i'm celebrating 10 years of being vegan. (There's gonna be a big party this summer where everyone's welcome to come celebrating the awsomeness of vegan food).

So i was amazed when i early this year read about the fantastic cookbook The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook on the Australian blog The Tropical Vegan. I bought it right away and since one month back we've experimented with blocks of uncheese, uncheese spreads and uncheese sauces.

I really like the book and it's recipes. One draw back is that all the ones that we've tried so far tastes pretty much the same. More or less. But i guess that's where the cook inside me should step up and improvise the missing part to make each uncheese a perfect creation. I strongly recommand all ya'll to get the cookbook, it's a lot of fun and i would like to see you bloggers and readers out there taking the uncheeses to the next level.

This is Dry Uncheese Mix in the making. I love this one, it's not from the book though, but the only picture of uncheese i got so far. It very simple to make and you can sprinkle the powder on your food, or heat it with milk or water to make a sauce, or mix it with soygurt to make a dip. I found the recipe here.
Today's episode of Uppdrag granskning about the meat production fucking ruled! If you understand swedish you should watch it.

Uncheese Jake

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Smoothies, Pancakes, etc...Weekend Breakfasts

The best thing I know is weekend breakfasts (I wish I was funemployd so I could enjoy this every day). I can sit for hours and stuff food in to my belly.
This saturday we had ourself a swedish-american breakfast, with smoothies, hönökaka, tartex, swedish rasberry blueberry jam called drottningsylt (translated directly it would be called queen-jam) and last but not least: american pancakes with syrup.

This is how I do my extra tasty extra healthy smoothie:
1 part soy yoghurt, without added flavor
1 part soy milk
1 part rasberrys
1/2 banana
3 tbsp rapeseed oil
1 tbsp linseed oil
alfalfa sprouts
pumpkin seeds
icing sugar

Mix it all together in your blender. Yum!

Food Not Bombs

Food Not Bombs is one of the fastest growing revolutionary movements and is gaining momentum throughout the world. There are hundreds of autonomous chapters sharing free vegetarian food with hungry people and protesting war and poverty. Food Not Bombs is not a charity. This energetic grassroots movement is active throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Food Not Bombs is organizing for peace and an end to the occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. For over 25 years the movement has worked to end hunger and has supported actions to stop the globalization of the economy, restrictions to the movements of people, end exploitation and the destruction of the earth.

The first group was formed in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1980 by anti-nuclear activists. Food Not Bombs is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to nonviolent social change. Food Not Bombs has no formal leaders and strives to include everyone in its decision making process. Each group recovers food that would otherwise be thrown out and makes fresh hot vegetarian meals that are served in outside in public spaces to anyone without restriction. Each independent group also serves free vegetarian meals at protests and other events. The San Francisco chapter has been arrested over 1,000 times in government's effort to silence its protest against the city's anti- homeless policies. Amnesty International states it will adopt those Food Not Bombs volunteers that are convicted as "Prisoners of Conscience" and will work for their unconditional release. Even though we are dedicated to nonviolence Food Not Bombs activists in the United States have been under investigation by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, Pentagon and other intelligence agencies. A number of Food Not Bombs volunteers have been arrested on terrorism charges but there has never been a conviction.
(The Black Panther Party for Self Defense conducted free breakfast programs for children and usually used the time to each one teach one! Food Not Bombs may vary fro place to place around the world but Food Not Bombs also feeds people in a revolutionary manner.)

Food Not Bombs is often the first to provide food and supplies to the survivors of natural disasters and terrorist attacks. During the first three days after the 1989 Earthquake, Food Not Bombs was the only organization in San Francisco providing hot meals to the survivors and the Long Beach chapter provided food after the North Ridge Earthquake. Food Not Bombs was also the first to provide hot meals to the rescue workers responding to September 11th World Trade Center attacks. Food Not Bombs volunteers were among the first to provide food and help to the survivors of the Asian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. Our volunteers organized a national collection program and delivered bus and truckloads of food and supplies to the gulf region. We have been one of the only organizations sharing daily meals in New Orleans since Katrina. You can rely on Food Not Bombs in a disaster and we are ready to help in the future.

Food Not Bombs works in coalition with groups like Earth First!, The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, Anarchist Black Cross, the IWW, Homes Not Jails, Anti Racist Action, In Defense of Animals, the Free Radio Movement and other organizations on the cutting edge of positive social change and resistance to the new global austerity program. One collective publishes a movement wide newsletter called A Food Not Bombs Menu. Another hosts FNB News where you can learn more about the Food Not Bombs community. Food Not Bombs Publishing in Takoma Park, Maryland publishes books like On Conflict and Consensus which has been an important guide for group democracy. We hope you will join us in taking direct action towards creating a world free from domination, coercion and violence. Food is a right, not a privilege.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

BBQ Chicken and Bean Salad: Good ol' dirty south

Once again we were sticking our noses down that big happy bowl of sweet and hot bbq sauce. This is how we do it in Gothenburg:

First walk to the harbour and enjoy yourselves. Then go to Viet-Thai Trading, close to Järntorget. Buy 2 pacs of vegan Chicken pieces or vegan chicken drum sticks. Deep fry (hell yeah!) for 5-10 minutes. Make the bbq sauce.

1 - 2dl Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce
or Ica's hickory smoke bbq sauce
2 tbsp Moore hot sauce
or try tabasco
juice of 1 lime
2-4 tbsp syrup

Put the chicken pieces into the big bowl of happiness and make sure they are coated and double coated before you eat them. Serve with mashed potatoes, white beans in tomato sauce (add some of your favourite bbq souce to it), and corn. Eat, smile and go to food-coma-land on the couch.

We miss you Greensboro!