Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fried Bacon and Beans: Food for the proles

If you are going on a strike you first need the right fuel for mind and body. We recommend the ol' swedish diet of brown beans and pork, veganized of course. You get the proteins you will need for a full day at the barricades, and bacon will prepare you for taking on the local cops.

Bacon recipe
Make a loaf of seitan. (You can find the recipe anywhere on the net, but remember to leave out anything sweet like ketchup, peanut spread, tomatoe paste, etc.)

Slice your loaf ultra thin. Heat up a frying pan to medium/high heat. Melt some vegan butter. Melt a lot. Bring on the seitan, and put some sea salt and liquid smoke on each slice, go heavy on both. Fry it on both sides for a maximum of 1 minute per side. Do not over do your bacon, as soon as it starts to cool on the plate it will be a little stiffer. You want it to be a little stiff but not too stiff.

get your fake bacon at your local Asian Market, Hung Fat or Viet-Thai in Goteborg!