Sunday, March 25, 2007

False Teriyaki, but damn its good!

We in the west seem to have this fascination with the eastern world and its traditions but when it comes down to it the left just wants good food no matter where it comes from! Food, the true and only real 1st International.
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Vi tror att vi ätter riktig Teriyaki men det där bara en dålig Amerikansk och Svensk version.
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Chop the veggies in this manner and att tofu or your veggie protein however you prepare it.
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Haka dina grönsaker så har och kombinera med tofu eller veggo stimlor från Hälso butiken på centralstationen, göteborg!

Fry your veggies in a wok and then add soy sauce and teriyaki sauce to your liking.
Stek grönsakerna i en wok och på med soya sås och teriyaki sås som du tycker.

laga lite ric och sen kan du ätta!

Famous White Sauce recipe coming soon!

Wiki on Teriyaki.

punk stews and soups.

It was the year of 2003, yes the season of the 15 million person worldwide march against war, and Bush had just declared war on Iraq and due to the war there was plenty to do in the streets so we had to revert back to the days when cooking food was quick and could feed all. Now that the war in Iraq is raging, we seem to not be able to stop it, and the antiwar movement shrinking our best hopes lay with the people struggling in Iraq. Maybe this war was a blessing in disguise for Mr. Bush and global capital...what happened to the very powerful and militant "anti-globalization" insurrection?! Lets make it happen again!

i Biskop can man alltid ta en paus och laga lite gryta för kämparna!
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1. örtsalt
2. linser
3. blomkål
4. lök
5. kurry
6. vatten
7. ris
8. vilka grönsaker du vill ha.
9. glöm inte VITLÖK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Att Göra.
haka lök, stek i grytan med salt peppar och kurry, sen linser och vatten, det ska koka lite sen i med allt tills det är redo. laga lite ris under tiden så man kan mata hur många som helst. krydda hur som helst man kan inte förstöra dena rätt...krydda på och använd en bulung(stav fel?) taning...

1. herb salt
2. curry
3. red lentils
4. cabbage
5. whatever veggies you like
9. garlic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is to be Done.
fry the onion in the pot with salt, pepper, and curry, then add water lintels, and all the veggies you want. while that is boiling and becoming a stew make some rice to feed however many people you want. for added flavor add a flavor cube. season to taste. Be creative there is no way you can mess this up!

red Lentil suprise. Lins röra.
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1. Lentils, linser
2. garlic, vitlök
3.herbal salt, örtsalt
4.pepper, peppar
5.veggies, grönsaker
6.rice, ris
7. CURRY, kurry!!!!!!!!!!!

To Do.

pour about 1 ro 2 cups of lentils in some water and remember you will continue to put more water into the boiling lentils until it has boiled into a runny sauce add some salt, pepper, curry, and flavor-cube and let cook. be sure to keep stirring and adding water when needed.

chops some veggies and fry them in some salt, pepper, and the mean time cook some rice.

koka upp linserna i en kastrul med vatter, örtsalt, peppar, och kurry tills det är som en sås. 4 till 6 dl. linser och spä på med vatten när det behövs under tiden det kokar. glöm inte att röra-vispa på såsen då och då...

haka görnsakerna som du vill ha och stek med salt, peppar, lite kurry... koka risen under tiden...

Falafel Kungen(King)!

Sunset Falafel 1, Falafel Kungen, Falafel Torget GBG!
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If you ever find yourself hungry and of the vegetarian kind lost in gothom city Gothenborg as for directions to either Kungstorget (king square), Falafeltorget, Saluhallen, or Grönsakstorget and you are sure to eat the best falafel ever made! This falafel stand is a pillar in the autonomist community and were it not for its quick preperation and very affordable mid day snack who knows how many times fascists would have not gotten that beat down or political actions delayed.
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Malmö och Köpenhamn kan saga va fan dom vill om falafel men i götet ätter vi inte falafel rullad som en joint!