Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daiya vegan cheese for sale!!

It's finally here! Vegan cheese that actually stretches when melted! Quarrygirl writes about it here. You can order it at the online store Pangea. And the shipping info says they ship outside US and Canada, so maybe, maybe there's a chance to ship it to sweden.

Listen to this review by Quarrygirl:
"the cheddar cheese flavor was so FUCKING FANTASTIC…i shit you not, it actually tastes like cheese. did you hear that?!?!?! we have a vegan product that MELTS and STRETCHES and TASTES like actual CHEESE. is this a dream? everyone present agreed that this stuff was insane; we would send it back if we ever got this at a restaurant, it tasted too damn real. that’s all i gotta say. it tasted like cheese. what more description do you want?"