Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Burgers and Fish again: Good Morning America!

America is a beautiful yet strange place! I have lived in these United States of America for longer than I would like to admit, but what can I say... Living in the South, below the Mason Dixon Line, in good ol Dixie I have come across big fridges, great friends, and an addiction to Southern cookin. Collards, jams, sweet potato fries, fried chicken lady chicken(soy nuggets), BBQ, Carolina BBQ, and so on. It wasnt until my comrades in Underground Cooking came to visit that I realised how laid back and ADD our Southern lives really are in comparison to the rest of world, yea we will get to that whole revolution alittle bit later. When it suits us! So until then our petty criminal lives will just have to do. Anyway, I thought it best to get some thoughts out about the South and how we do things and now here are some dishes we cooked up and places we ate at while the nordic northerns came to visit the slow and easy south.

DOWNTOWN CUPCAKES, be careful in downtown Greensboro the PIGS are aware of the radicalizing of people through revolutionary food.




CHINA BUDDHA, Veg Chinese Food, downtown Atlanta

BACK TO GREENSBORO and visit Boba House

Mexican Food is AWESOME!





Anonymous said...

so much food in the world, and so litle time..

Em said...

after one week working at a school with big organization problems and troubled kids i miss the good old southern porching that sometimes last for hours! hope y'all are good! /E

björn said...

man blir riktigt avundsjuk av de här bilderna alltså...

har fixat lite banners till mässan, lägg gärna upp en här på bloggen!

kan jag gå ut med att ni säljer korv på mässan, tänkte skriva lite på hemsidan.
maila mig om ni vill ha något speciellt skrivet, annars hittar jag på nåt lämpligt. ha det gott.

Purifiedincakes said...

i hate your southern lazy ass. You wouldnt go to the revolution and you want even go out, stop sniffing your asses and lets go!

hugs and kisses


Seitan Wörshipper said...

OH wow! USA really sounds, and also looks somekind of really paradise like place for hungry vegan..Or a nightmare, because there seems to be too many options to choose..Wow,again.. I relly want to visit there in someday ;)

Per Albert Samuel said...

men hallå Mountain Dew är pengar i fickan på Pepsi!
Och Red Bull innehåller taurin...och Kraft är stålar till Philip Morris. Bättre upp!

Anonymous said...

åh, tofutti sandwich-glass! det var århundraden sen jag åt den sist... finns den i sverige, nån som vet? stockholm eller malmö?

o den andra goda glassen de hade, chocolate-fudge nånting, den är nästan ännu godare...

Anonymous said...

enligt redbulls hemsida är taurinet veganskt...

Per Albert Samuel said...

A jag såg alldeles nyss!
D e ju kanon

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