Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween, 666!

Halloween a great American tradition that glorifies the best qualities of all food groups, SUGAR!
Last night was great, we hung out, handed out food to kids, kids came and spit on the grave of Bush, parents clapped, and their bone chilling laughs of his demise will inspire anyone to give up any hope of parliamentary politics once and for all!

With the spirit of Norwegian Black Metal anti-christianity and good ol' Southern anti-capitalist tendencies we at Local-68 of UKF decided to hunt down the bastard and at the request of one Halloweener's mother boil, skin, and bury him for good! I only hope his specter or any of his kind decide not to haunt us again.

Photos by: Chuck Johnson @ Black Cloud


Anonymous said...

That's amazing! I didn't know he was dead and buried in your front garden. I whish i was there, i'd pee and poop on the grave.

Great corps paint by the way.

sick fuck jake

Seitan Wörshipper said...

Haha, that Bush`s grave thing was great! I think he`s "no-hinking" head need`s it really.. :) Also that Black metal joke makse me smile, HAlloween is funny fest little too American, but nice and harmless ;)

Anonymous said...

haha! i wish I was there to see those kids spit on bushes grave!
love y'all /E

Emmie said...

Rest in peace? I'd rather see him burn, personally. Love the grave though!

Purified in Cakes said...

yo, where back!

Anonymous said...

haha mycket bra!