Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chocolate Toffe Bars: Celebrating the occupations

There has been another house occupation in Gothenburg. There has been two other occupations earlier this year also to raise the issue of housing shortage in Gothenburg. This one really caught the eye of media and it turned out in favor of the occupants, which is usually never the case. Good work! At the same time activists in Malmoe carried out a similar occupation, also with a good public response.

Article from Motkraft
Article from Yelah
Article from GP

To celebrate we decided to bake. If you only plan to bake one thing this year, bake this! Mars bars or November bars as Vegania calls them. It took me a while to create these little bastards, but I'm a newbie at baking.

The recipe comes from the Swedish site that recently had a nice graphical makeover. If you can read and understand the ancient and powerful language of the vikings, the site is a goldmine.

I gotta warn you thou, the sweetness is so overwhelming it causes headache, so you might wanna reduce the sugar. And I took the liberty to but in a layer of thin crisp crackers (smörgåsrån) between the nougat and toffee. It was a wise decision, I wish I put two layers of them.

November bars
3 dl plain white flour
2 dl icing sugar
2 Tbl cocoa
0.5 Tbl vanilla-flavoured sugar
0.75 dl water
50 g vegetable butter
2 dl sugar
0.5 dl syrup


50 g vegetable butter
1 dl sugar
1 dl syrup
0.25 dl soy cream

Sieve together flour, icing sugar, cocoa and vanilla sugar. Heat water, margarine and sugar until melted margarine and sugar dissolves. Beat down the sugar solution in the flour and whisk to a smooth mixture. Pour into a baking plate with non-stick paper and let it set. Place in the refrigerator when the nougat cooled.
Heat the ingredients for toffee in a saucepan, stir gently from time to time and let simmer for about 20 minutes. Make "kulprov" to see if the toffee has the right consistency (ie take a pat toffee batter on a spoon, plunge into cold water. If you can shape it into a ball it's ready.) Pour caramel mixture on the nougat and let cool.
Cut the candy into pieces of any size. Melt chocolate. Dip or brush the chocolate on top and sides, let the chocolate solidify in the refrigerator and then also brush the bottom with chocolate. Let it set. Enjoy your vegan Mars bar!


Anni said...

How great that you can get positive media attention for the occupations! In Helsinki that's rarely the case. Very very rarely.

Those chocolate bars look yummy! I never really liked Mars bars, but now you made me crave that vegan version...

Johan said...

Många schyssta recept! kul kul! Ska nog försöka ge mig på nåt till helgen för att fira att mitt jobb äntligen är slut.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


Nina said...

blev också rejält sockerchockad när jag gjorde de här! bra idé med kex i!

tack för era fina ord om vegania! vi tycker om er också!

Kät said...

äh det är väl inte särskilt sött?!