Sunday, January 6, 2008

2008, The Year It Happens!

Class War is here...

Happy Holidays and now on with the new year!

So after spending a fair amount of time in sweden over the course of last year it was obvious that the alphabet soup of nazi groups currently active in sweden were on the offensive but every time they were beaten back, robbed, and their ability to openly organize crushed! Fire, its a wild fire! no one seems to be safe, at least not you!

(SMR your car is on seems fire can be used not exclusively for cooking.)

As for food, UKF chapters all around are promising great recipes and class war! The holidays have passed but I promise you that 2008 is the year it happens!

(new horizons)

Reporting from occupied lands Dang X: By Any Means Necessary!


Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah! The year it happens!

PurifiedinCakes said...

The nazigroups in GBG is al almost dead, and were allready cooking on there corps. Next up is attacks on rich bastard, they gonna feel the pain of overcooked seitan sausage, no compromisse - happy new year!