Monday, January 21, 2008

Battle of Barcelona

UC and friends went to Barcelona to hook up with some american allies and to taste the revolution of Spain. We found some hard evidence that this system is coming to an end. We also found some utmost delicious tapas, burgers, and helthy ginger root drinks. Viva Barcelona - Viva la Revoution!

The pictures above is around Placa de la Revolutió de Setembre de 1868.

This is from Juicy Jones. They served some good tofu sandwiches and smothies, milkshakes and green drinks to die for.

Also we got to try Vegetalia on Placa de George Orwell where you can eat a 3-dishes vegan ecologic lunch for only 8,50 Euros. It was great, especially the starter.

It was surprisingly frustrating to find the way out of the maze, as a reward we went to the world famous Maoz Falafel.

Outside CNT, the Syndicalist Union.


Anonymous said...

good report from spain! that place is looking up! back in occupied land we are fighting, but our bellies full, last night a real UKF approved punk rock stew was made for us all then we marched in the MLK Parade. Report coming up.

Madeleine said...

Hur hittar jag till CNT?

Anonymous said...

det ligger alldeles i närheten av moderna muséet. leta runt lite så hittar du det säkert.