Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Antifa Lobster!

This weekend was filled with lobster, jails, and plenty of assault charges. Local-68 of UKF was in full swing this weekend on a mission in Washington DC, now renamed District of Pittsboro!
1. Dont give them any freedom because they wont give you any!
2. Eat all the vegan-lobster you can with your friends both old and new!
3. Get free or die trying, jail solidarity in full effect!

Pink Lobster and Crab meat in a white wine dill saute'!

Once again all you need to do is find a vegan-lobster at your neighborhood friendly asian grocery store! Then its
canola oil,
white wine,
lemon juice,
all spice,
and oven heat that shit!

remember to rotate the lobster in order to marinate it!


UndergroundCooking said...

now that's how you eat a lobster the working class way! yeay!

Fredrik said...

Så jävla gött. Det behövs mer maskering och baseballträn i veganbloggarna. Särskilt tillsammans med hummer!

Purified In Cakes said...

yes, i miss you guys and i see forward too meet the lobsters!

ak backaplan said...

det där rosa. Är det en sådan där snuskleksak eller? En double tickler?

Ät ål!!!

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