Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hisingen BBQ - Story of the fake chicken

What else can you do on warm sweet pre-summer days but bring your friends and some fake meat to Hisingen Island for 2 full days of bbq. Ramberget, next to the harbour, is the heart and soul of Hisingen and the very core of the struggling bad ass working class of Gothenburg. This is where we live and belong.

On the menue: Hot Dogs, Hamburgers from Veggo, 20 sticks of tzai, pasta salad, chick peas salad, vegetables baked in garlic butter, bbq tofu, spanish olives, and half a chicken on a stick.


Urban Vegan said...

That fake chicken looks disturbingly real...but it just goes to show that old traditions don't need to die--they just need to be changed.

Seitan Wörshipper said...

That grill stuffs looks great! But still I think I like most grilled seitan..In BBQ-marinade ofcourse ;)

Malmö kicks ass!!! said...

Fan va ni ligger i o har trevligt.. ska försöka ha lite gött själv snart. o passa på att fixa bloggen..